Funky Ducks – Aurora-Colorize Your Bathtub

Who said that adult bathtubs should be dull and pale by the color of the white porcelain? There is several nice toys, or we can just call them a bath equipment which would make us begin our days with joyful feeling.

These Funky Ducks would transport you back to your childhood time while it gives you a romantic sensation and gentle peaceful feeling when you dive yourself into your bathtub.

Funky Ducks with aurora Technology

Why? You don’t dare to put this ducks in your bathtub? Scare people will find out that you have a childish habit? Come on! It’s all ‘bout ourselves and have nothing to do with other. This funky ducks may seem like a toys, but IT could actually give you a nice feeling when you dive yourself in your bath tub with lamp off.

These Funky Ducks is using an aurora technology, it changes color gently and tenderly to bring a set of nice feeling and enjoyment inside your bathtub.

These delightful ducks gently scroll through the six luminous ambient colors, so once you’ve had your fun, you can sit back and unwind as you watch them change.

What are you waiting for? Get them for just £9.95 to aurora colorize your bathtub.

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