Solar Gorilla – Huge Solar Charger for Laptop

Solar Gorilla has the same shape and technology with PowerMonkey Solar Power Portable Charger which we covered weeks ago. It’s only the size that makes Solar Gorilla capable to charge laptop and other same size devices (up to 24 volts).

Solar Gorilla Solar Power Portable Charger

Now something has make sense to me. I’m always asking what the different between Power Gorilla and Solar Gorilla is. Now I’ve found the puzzle pieces and going to show you what are them:

SolarGorilla and PowerGorilla 2-in-1

I always thought that both of them is called Solar Gorilla, just like the perception when first covering the PowerMonkey Solar Charger. Well, I was wrong… :)

Solar Gorilla can charger everything from 0 – 24 volts electronic with sun power. From a large laptop to the smallest cellphone. Practically easy to use, just plugin the cable and it’s done. Very light weight, but a little bit huge to bring around. Not like the PowerMonkey which is pretty small to fit in a pocket.

Solar Gorilla will be launch at this Q4 2008. So if you are interested for saving some more electricity bill, prepare some spare of your money (price still undisclosed) to buy Solar Gorilla on this end of 2008.

(while powermonkey’s price is around $130, Solar Gorilla will cost you around $500-$800. I guess… :) )


My guessing is wrong again! Well, the price is not around $500-$800. It’s only about $224 (£140) and you can have it now! Just check out our PowerTraveler Monkey Family post for more detail.


You can also purchase Solar Gorilla at Thanks to our precious reader about this precious information! Thanks, John! 😉


You might feel that price is too high for you. No problem, here is a good alternative for solar charging your laptop. It’s called High-Capacity Solar Charger! (only $150 flat!)

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  • I heard that the Power Gorilla Solar Battery Charger will be available at Earthtech Products within the next week or two.. so keep your eye out on their Solar Battery chargers page. Leave a reply if anyone see’s it show up.

    • Hi John! Thanks for commenting. Power Gorilla and Solar Gorilla is available now. Check out our latest Solar Gorilla post.

      Hope it helps! 😉

      • Thanks Ken… but I found it and purchased it already at Earthtech Products. I have been waiting so long to get the SolarGorilla.. I actually bought the PowerGorilla too. They had the best price I could find. I will let everyone know how it went with Solar Gorilla and the Power Gorilla as soon as I get a chance to try them out. But I’m sure I will be please based on what I have read about them. I should get them in a few days.

        • Great. I will update my post again about the availability at Thanks for letting us know about it and we would really glad to hear your feedback about the product! :)

          But I guess the quality of sun UV is not in the maximum state right now. I wonder how it will performing…

          Again, thanks for taking your time to reply my comment! 😉

          • Hey Ken,

            The Solar Gorilla is absolutely awesome! I really didn’t think it would work well but it really works great. The Solar Gorilla basically trickle charged my laptop and took about 8-10 hours to completely charge it but this made me realize how great the other component is (the Power Gorilla) that I purchased seperately.. The Power Gorilla acts as a power reserve or an extra laptop battery.. basically you can charge your laptop from the Solar Gorilla directly or you can use the Solar Gorilla to charge the Power Gorilla so you have a power back up for being able to charge your laptop without electricity at night. I found that the power transfer output from the Power Gorilla provides a higher output of power therefore charging my laptop in like 2-3 hours. Overall I am very pleased with this item and I really must say I had a very comfortable experience buying both devices from Earthtech Products they are the most professional company out there selling this kind of stuff. I will let you know if I discover any new findings with the Solar Gorilla and the Power Gorilla as I use them more.

  • Kirkeby

    Anyone who knows if it is posible to charge an Ipad2 with The solar gurilla?

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