BudFits – Comfortable iPhone Earbuds Accessories

If you love to hear music while jogging, probably you’ll irritated by the standard earbuds because it can’t stay tame on our ears. We need to keep fixing the position so we can hear our songs properly.

Well, if you don’t want your earbuds become a problem when you enjoy your morning jogging, Budfits may help you taming them so they won’t fall from your ears easily.

budfits for comfortable iphone earbuds accessories

BudFits eliminated positioning problem and gives you a completely convenience yet comfortable jogging, or other activities and let you focus on yourself, rather than focusing on other useless thing.

BudFits very compatible with any kind of earbuds, especially iPod and the new version of iPhone’s earbuds. ButFits is practically easy to use. Just follow the following picture to set things up:

budfits instruction to install earbuds to budfits

Yep, snap it in, push the cable line into the channel and now secure the position onto your ears, and… it’s done!

ButFits currently on sale at Amazon for $8.99 only. Three colors choices available from Frosted Clear, Vanilla White and Stealth Black. I’ve bought mine with the Stealth black color. Kind of cooler than the other color. :)

Source: Coolest-Gadgets

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