Covert Clicker – Universal Mini TV Remote

Remember the Click movie starred by Adam Sandler in 2006? this remote have some of Michael Newman’s remote control capability. Though it don’t have the time skipping function, it’s still pretty useful to ruin a party or surprise peoples.

Covert Clicker Mini TV Remote Control

This device is so small it is easily concealed in your pocket, it’s only 1½ “x 2½” x less than ¼” thick! It can control, volume, change the channel or turn the TV on & off. Just imagine the fun with this at a party, or the lounge at the doctors office.

This tv remote can control any TVs with success rate of 90%. Almost all TV is controllable by this tiny freak.

Turn off TV suddenly when the show is on its climax is pretty fun to irritate your room mate, especially when your room mate never knew who did it! :)

It’s only $12.89 a piece and you can start teasing your friends and family.

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