Mighty Blaster – Smoke Ring Shooter

You don’t smoke but envy those smokers’ skill to make a smoke ring out of their oval mouth? Well, there’s no need to learn smoking for doing that trick now. Since smoking is bad for health, just use this Mighty Blaster Smoke Ring Shooter to create as much smoke as you want!

Mighty Blaster can create a much more bigger size of smoke ring with a simply cool Gun Shooter. See the picture below:

Mighty Blaster Smoke Ring Shooter

Yes, you can shoot the smoke as well. See Mighty Blaster in action and how they play it with a puppy.

“THE MIGHTY BLASTER is the latest addition to the Zero Toys Vapor-Ring toy line. Blast huge 8-12 inch diameter safe water-base Vapor-Rings up to 20 feet away. The easily assembled Mighty Blaster has 4 power settings that allow for the launching of slow to very fast moving Vapor-Rings”

If you are interested, you can get it as low as $29.95. More information available on ZeroToys.com. Have fun creating & shooting smoke! :)


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