Realistic Cookie Cell Phone Strap – Strong Temptation for Cookies Lovers!

Cookie Cell phone strap

What do you think about those mouth watering cookies? Looks tasty, right?! Got you! :)

It’s not a food no matter how you look at it! Damn, this stuffs just a cell phone strap no matter how tasty it looks like! Look so real that I want to quickly put it in my mouth.

This cookie strap featuring Swarovski Crystal on each of them. This straps is a creation of Japan, renown country of realistic human robot creation. If you love to have one, you will have to pay a sum of shipping fee to import from Japan.

Cookie cell phone strap

Cookie Cell phone strap will cost you $3.8 / piece. I guess you cannot just buy one and let them export it for you. You’ll need to buy a bunch of it and pay special attention to the shipping fees on this page.

Well, it’s nothing but a cookie cell phone strap. Although it’s look so real, you have no need to make it as a real food for feeding frenzy! :)

For more information on Cookie Cell Phone Strap, go here.

Note: Beware of children because it looks so real. Never let them use it unless they know what they are holding at.

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