Instant Screen Door for Summer Bugs Prevention

Whenever summer’s coming, lots of bugs flying charging to home either for shelter or for reproduction. It’s pretty common that we will try to defend at any cost for the bug intrusion. Somehow, the common bug screen is pretty expensive and sometimes it will damage and make holes in our door frames.

So what to do if you want a solution for both save money and avoiding damage on your door frame? In this case, you could try this Instant Screen Door.

Instant Screen Door for Summer Bugs Prevention

Instant Screen Door from is a brilliant bug screening for each of your door, especially the doors to your garden or family gather spot outside your house.

Instant Screen Door is made of flexible fiberglass mesh, which it pretty weather resistent for out door use.

This instant screen door allows for easy walk-through access…when hands are full, simply push your way through the center slit. The bug screen closes automatically with two magnetic fasteners.

Any size doorway is perfect for this instant screen door which attaches easily to front or back doors, sliding glass doors, French doors or double doors.

Several benefits of using Instant Screen Door is as follow:

  • Flexible fiberglass mesh with high durability
  • Attaches easily without tools
  • A range of widths available to choose
  • Easy walk-thru feature allows for no-had admittance
  • Automatically close the screen when you get thru with its magnetic closure.

For only $37.99 to get the 30″ door wide Instant Screen Door and only $79.99 for the largest 6′ French door. It’s not limited for summer use only anyway. You can actually use it in all seasons, except winter where bugs are sleeping tightly in their nest. :)


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