Sealegs Amphibious Boat – Land and Water Conquerer

If you are rich enough to buy a villa near the beach side, SeaLegs might become a great partner for your beach and ocean adventures.

SeaLegs is a boat with wheel legs which you can use it to drive as a car. Or, we can call it an amphibious boat that drive in and out of water without the need of pulling and pushing the boat to the shore.

SeaLegs - Amphibious Boat for Land and Sea

Either fresh water or salt water, Sealegs conquer them all. Sealegs, the amphibious marine craft, will fold its “legs” when you have completely reach the deep of 1 meter (3 feet) or more.

And Sealegs will, again, unfold its legs when it reach surface with deep of 1 meter or less. See the animation for more actual illustration and the degree calculation.

Check the following video too! It shows you how Sealegs rocking the ocean and conquering the sandy beach:

It’s so useful if your villa or house that is not located near the shore. Since you can just drive it back to your own garage, there is no risk of being stole by bad guys.

“Sealegs are motorised, retractable and steerable boat wheels which are fitted to a customised 5.6m Rigid Inflatable boat.The Sealegs system works by having powerful motorised wheels which give a user variable speed of 0-10KPH (forward and reverse).

Sealegs allows the boat to be driven from a storage location, down a boat ramp or beach and into the water – all with the occupants staying in the boat and remaining COMPLETELY DRY. Once in the water, the Sealegs wheels are easily retracted into the “UP” position and are completely out of the water.”

And here is some more pictures taken from Sealegs site:

SeaLegs - Amphibious Boat for Land and Sea

Sealegs - Amphibious Boat for Land and Sea

see how they use it for taxi service? Gosh, that’s brilliant! Sea-Taxy, lake-taxy, river-taxy. Sounds much more cooler than a land taxy. :)

There is more information available for you to dig on Sealegs Amphibious Boat official site.

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