Speck PixelSkin – New Cases for iPhone 3G V2.0

Manufacturer madness on the upcoming iPhone seems to effecting Speck as well. Although iPhone 3G is not officially launch yet, many manufacturers have designed and created a whole bunch of cool and hot accessories for iPhone V2.0.

In Speck side, they seems to produced a cool, rubber made cases for iPhone v2.0. I’m not sure if Speck PixelSkin is compatible with the old iPhone or not, since lot of manufacturer have switch their attention to the new version of iPhone.

Speck PixelSkin rubber new cases for 3g iphone v2.0

“PixelSkin’s lightweight, form-fit helps protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes, while the textured tile pattern provides a comfortable, tactile sensation in your hand and a no-slip grip. The case offers openings to all ports, controls and sensors for convenient accessibility.”

Speck PixelSkin rubber new cases for 3g iphone v2.0

There are 6 tasty & freshy color options for you to choose. The cases will not cover anything important like camera or the iPhone Docking feature. You will be able to get this along with 3G iPhone v2.0 release this July 11th because Speck will also launch their product near the last quarter of July.

I will update on this Speck PixelSkin as it become available.


Speck pixelSkin is now available. You can use our Shopping channel to compare Speck PixelSkin prices, or use the following quick comparison to find your need:


[ via iPhoneBuzz and GizmoHacker]

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