Solay Running Shoe – Replaceable Mid Sole

Solay Running Shoe - Replaceable Mid Sole

Serious distance runners or marathon guys should ad solay as the future expenses. I got an information that runners usually need to replace their shoes 3 months once. I think that’s pretty wasting money but they don’t have any choice.

But with Solay Running Shoe is a different kind of shoe. It’s concept is the mid sole of the shoe is replaceable. Mid sole in your shoes is the best part to be compressed (the cushion losing its resiliency) and get flatten by their weight and running method.

Leaving the other part still in a good condition, throwing the whole shoes will be a big wasting of resource.

With Solay running shoe, you can use the shoe “host” longer by only replacing the mid sole with new one. It’s a cheaper solution for budget runner. Check out for more information on Solay Running Shoe Concept at

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