PC of the Swim Rings: Dreams to Play Amphibious PC at the Sea

Having fun in swimming pool seems not enough for the bornrich peoples. They still need another kind of sensation and high-tech computing lifestyle even in the pool!

Having a Hot amphibious PC experience inside swimming pool is sure not a bad idea. That’s why Barry Lai Yin Lock design a beautiful concept to merged both inside water and outside water activities into one.

PC of the Swim Rings - Amphibious PC

From Barry’s “The PC of the Swim-Rings” designer page said that it’s for use at the sea instead of swimming pools. Pretty obvious because this swim-rings amphibious include a GPRS receiver to guide the user from being lost in the middle of the big sea.

It also said that PC of Swim-Rings adopted the latest finger-touch technology, solar cell powered, water cooling system for the processor and absolute waterproof enclosure. Which means you can use it safely even in salt water.

Amphibious PC swim rings features

But for me, I won’t use it on the sea even this amphibious PC is equipped with GPS tracking system. The wave is just to large and I will get dizzy reading stuffs with the small LCD screen.

This Swim-Rings Amphibious PC is also usable on the ground while the swim rings is replaced with a pair of active stereo speaker and media drive. Sounds cool, double usage. But until today, it’s just another future concept though…

Amphibious PC the Swim Rings Desktop

No clue when Barry is going to make his dream comes true. Hope it’s will be available soon so we can float in the sea while surfing about the latest gadget on Engadget! :)

[via bornrich]

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