Warm Luminosity with Sun and Moon Jars

It’s not about astonomy or astrology, it’s about gentle luminosity. A good luminosity in your room, kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you are, can stimulate a positive feeling about your life.

A bright light can either help you or hurt you as well as The dim light. Warm light would be different. Warm luminosity could generate a nice, healing effect for our soul.

Sun and Moon Jar do exactly what a best lighting would be for a peace and calm night sky.

warm luminosity with sun and moon jars

Sun and Moon Jars featuring a solar cell and rechargeable battery for the eternal luminosity. The Jars are frosted-like, which is the key to the nice and warm lighting that shine through your eyes.

Warm Luminosity with Sun and Moon Jars

It’s really nothing but a Jars, that you would find it anywhere near your mama’s playground. There is a LEDs inside the jar, which powered by an AA rechargeable battery so you can replace it when it die.

Sun and Moon Jars only cost you a dim for what it could give you. Look for more nice warming information at Thinkgeek.com if you wish.


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