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Brutus Blue – Zipper Free Cool Laptop Sleeve

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Zipper Free Laptop sleeve is practically easy to use. Just like a jeans without zipper, Just Pop it on and you are done! No need to worry any “thing” stuck in the middle. :)

Brutus Blue from 10Turio is an extremely light-weight with bumps-dirts-wet resistant. It actually have a slight 3mm high density foam blanket as the protector. So, you can walk care-free in a middle of crowded street.

Brutus Blue Laptop Protection Sleeve Zipper Free

Whenever you feel your Brutus Blue Laptop Sleeve has become dirty, just throw it right away to the laundry machine. No worry, it won’t damage anything since it’s washable. Very Suitable for Laptop, or best for Macbook from 12 to 15.4 inches.

Anyway, it’s not limited to blue color. There are 8 color available for you to choose. Something unique is they all have their own name to call. Like Blue is Brutus, Beige is Baccus, Orange is Ophilia, and so on.

10Turio Laptop Protection Sleeves 10turio laptop protection sleeves

Now if you have been bored by the casual zipped laptop sleeves, why don’t you try this cool and zipper-free laptop sleeve? Only for 19,90 € (add 4,90 € for shipping fee) or around $37 per sleeve.

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