Numa Tactical Sunglasses: Unbreakable Eyewear

Numa Tactical Sunglasses is indeed an eyewear that’s as tough as you are. it won’t break apart although you try to bend it, pinch it, roll it, squeeze it, slam it to the ground or even step on it hardly. Absolutely crash proof and of course, it is kid-proof. :)

Numa Tactical unbreakable Eyewear is absolutely unbreakable! See this video and you’ll understand:

Some more visualization:

See? Strong enough to sustain from kids’ berserks! Won’t break, just pick it up and you can wear it again.

Basically, the frame of Numa Tactical unbreakable eyewear is made of Swiss Material™. It’s a material that dependably sturdy yet flexible and extremely lightweight.

How about the lenses? Numa Tactical Lenses have much greater features which is listed below:

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Polycarbonate( scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, etc)
  • Light Filtration
  • Color Filtration
  • Polarization
  • Anti-Glare and more!

Numa Tactical Sunglasses is not build in a solid form. You have the option to switch the lenses with another one easily. In their website, Numa Tactical have 5 models available for you to choose. Each model will have its own color choices and you also can choose what kind of lenses you would like to set into the frame.

Numa Tactical unbreakable eyewear 5 models

Numa Tactical Unbreakable Eyewear Sunglasses

The regular price is only $89. If you are doing outdoor sport often, you might need to own one piece of this marvelous sunglasses to protect your precious eyes. Visit Numa Tactical Unbreakable Eyewear site for more detail information.

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