Retractable Earphones Armband for iPhone – No More Hanging Wires

Now you don’t have a budget to buy a wireless bluetooth earphone but have around $30 to spend on better Earphones for your iPhone.

In this situation, Armband Retractable Earphones might be a good choice. It’s only $29.95 and you can have your iphone stick with your arm, and you even can rolled the wires back to the Armband when you don’t need the earphone.

Retractable Earphones Armband for iPhone

It’s practically easy to use, just slide the Earphone reel over your arm, jack in the earphone jack into your iPhone, pull the wires as long as you needed, and you can start hearing your favorite musics while doing your afternoon jogs.

It’s not limited to iPhone only. You can use this Armband as the host of your iPod Touch, iPod Classic, or even the iPod Video. It’s also available for Nano and Shuffle.

Retractable Earphone Armband for iPodRectractable Earphone Armband for Shuffle

More information available at HerringtonCatalog.


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