Future concept: Amphibious Car

There is lot of amphibious stuffs lately. From the Amphibious Plane to the Amphibious PC. Now, it’s the turn of Amphibious Car. Although this Amphibious Car is still remain a concept, it’s really exciting if in the future we can ride on this stuff.

Future Concept Amphibious Car

Concept by Jorge Cross, designer of this amphibious vehicle, it’s prepared for 2030 which is 22 years from now. The amphibious car will adopted the technology of hydrodynamics and a super capsule chassis design.

Future Concept Amphibious Car

Not sure if this amphibious car is designed for salt water or not. There is no further information on it.

Well, let’s hope Jorge Cross can make his dream comes true.

[source: coroflot and dvice]

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