ICare – Futuristic Motorcycle Concept

icare futuristic motorcycle concept

Wow, Oh Wow! This is what I call a futuristic design. A great + cool concept for the unpredicted future. Featuring Japan’s Honda Engine, the 6 Cylinder Flat with 1800 Cm3.

As if this Cool ICare MotorCycle is for sport, it’s equipped with double exhaust pipe right below the comfortable thick foamed seat. It looks a bit heavy though… But who cares? As long as it’s cool, people will sacrifice anything for this motorbike. :)

Alien Design iCare Futuristic motorcycle concept

Frankly, ICare Front side looks like a evil character in all of the comic books. Sharp Eyes, Blacky, Big Headed, etc. Or, I should tell it’s similar to an Alien Shape. Well, guess yourself what it is.

icare futuristic motorcycle concept

There is some problem though. It seem iCare don’t have any stand to help this motorcycle standing properly. I wonder if the designer forgot to put it, or this ICare motorcycle design is equipped with magnetic field balancing technology. This is something really tickle my curiosity.

Source: LikeCool.

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