Mommy Megaphone – Amplify your Beauty Voices into Monster Roars

As a mother, sometimes you know that your children are uncontrollable. Even you shout your throat out, they will act you as dancing and singing clown. Sometimes, you need to be a little extreme to control your child. I know its sound cruel, but that’s the fool-proof method to get instant attention from your children.

The Mommy Megaphone will help you getting the first attention as you put your beautiful voice into this megaphone. It will instantly amplify your voice into something that your child will obey, for sure. :)

Mommy Megaphone to make children obey to Mommy

Well, at least Mommy Megaphone is a tool for train your children to behave on your command. Just make sure not to overuse this stuff.

[via Nerdapproved]

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