Sweety – Loner’s Favorite

Sweety Loner\'s Favorite

Sweety, Oh sweety. You hear all of my ramblings and you comfort me when I sad. You even let me know that my emotion is bad and you can help me . Oh, How sweet you are, sweety. :)

Oh, that’s what Sweety is designed for. Designed by stress people in stress country to rescue stress masses. I’m not saying that Haishu Zhang is stress. But I believe she must tasted the real stress feeling before she could actually create this concept to help the same minded peoples.

“Sweety is your 24 hours a day listener. It listens to all your crap as a real life friend would (but probably better) and helps you analyze your stress with visible calm and beautiful graphic patterns. By exposing the cause of your stress it is easier to find a way to relieve it.”

Sweety will also detect your emotion growth of graphic pattern. If it matches certain criteria, Sweety will invite you to play Squeezing and Beating Game to its body to relieve stresses.

It’s obviously a clever concept. I only hope that Sweety is affordable so it won’t create more stress peoples. :)

[found at OhGizmo, source at YankoDesign]

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