Butt Station – Funny Toilet Style Desktop Organizer

Do have some serious sense of humor in the office is practically important, especially you need to handle lots of pressure either from boss or works. Putting some type of funny little guy like this BUTT Station (yes, it’s BUTT) will somehow make your days a little bit easier.

Butt Station - Funny Toilet Style Desktop Organizer

Beside the Butt Station help you organize your pens, some papers and paper clips, it also entertain your unhappy days.

Funny toilet Style Desktop Organizer - Butt Station

Hey! Wait… Where are the paper clips I mentioned just now?

Well, Just lift the tiny boy and you’ll see his butt stick with paper clips. The Toilet itself is the paper clips holder. The Butt have a magnetic field to lift the clips so you can easily grab a clip or two.

Butt Station - Funny Toilet Style Desktop Organizer Paper Clips

Only for $13.99, you can let this little guy help you with your desktop organizing using his… nasty toilet pose.

source: GearDiary

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  • Timmy

    wow, got this in taiwan for $3USD in a Carefore Hypermart. No wonder the economy is in the toilet when you think $14 bucks is value for money. haha just tease. got one for my mum, pretty funny stuff.

    • O rly? 3 bucks sounds really cheap. Should be a good deal for you guys in Taiwan! 😉

      Thanks for commenting, Timmy!

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