Grill ‘n’ Table Concept for Barbeque Fever Time!

Imagine if you could have this table at your barbeque party. Your barbeque party could become a grilling war!

Grill \'n\' table concept barbeque fever time

Well, not really a war actually. If 8 people doing a grilling on this table, i guess a fork-fencing is inevitable!

This table concept is design for 8 peoples grilling their stuffs. Made of Alminum and wood patio furniture, also comes with a built-in cooking system. You can either move away the extender optional table or add up to 8 of them.

Grill \'n\' Table Concept barbeque

Grill n Table concept - barbeque fever time!

Design by Éric Beauchemin, this barbeque table is absolutely a new way for having fun with your friends and family, and it’s a good furniture to filled your outdoor space.

via Bornrich

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