Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Earphone for Children

Safety is anything when comes to everything in this life. Including the safety of your beloved one, and especially true for your lovely children. Since the invention of private sounding system, or an earphone, some of them doesn’t know the risk of using an earphones.

We all know that when we heard a good songs, we tend to tune it as loud as we can so we can feel them through the bottom of our heart. Well, children also do the same thing. It’s pretty risky because they could become a deaf because of that. So, what to do to safe your children?

Ultimate Ears, a not so loud earphone comes to the rescue! :)

Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Earphones

Ultimate Ears earphone is an earphone that could limit the sound, although your children maximize the volume control, only a gentle and smooth sounds/music will come out from the earphone.

So your children can’t tune music up to an abnormal state. I agree that they don’t have a funky design, but at least they’ve got a tasty color choice for your children. It’s plum, blueberry, and mint.

Ultimate Ears Loud Enough Earphones Color Choice

Ultimate ears also includes a range or silicone sleeves which is prefect for your children.

Source: Gizmodiva and Cnet

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