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More Barbeque Grill – Briefcase Style Portable Barbeque Grill

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Recently, I have seen the concept of Grill ‘n’ Table BBQ griller. Now, it’s time for something real rather than a concept. Here is the Portable barbeque, a new type of griller for beach grilling fever!

This Portable Barbeques looks like a briefcase which you can carry like a laptop bag. Comes with a carry pooch, and it’s super slim when flatten.

Briefcase Style Portable Barbeque Complete Set

“The Fold Flat BBQ is brilliantly designed, packs as thin as a wafer thin mint (well not quite) and opens up to provide a 45 x 30cm cooking area. Solidly made from pressed steel, the sides provide a built-in wind break, and being so portable, you can head for the hills whenever you feel the need for the whiff and mouth-watering aroma of a sizzling summer BBQ. What a marvellous contraption.


  • A portable BBQ in its own carry case.
  • Integral wind breaks.
  • Made from pressed steel.
  • Carry case is black with a handy shoulder strap.
  • Suitable for ages 16 years+.
  • A super slim portable grill.
  • A patented fold open design.
  • A user friendly snap-shut closure.
  • The BBQ frame and grills are all included.
  • Made from pressed steel.

Briefcase Style Portable Barbeque Griller
Portable Barbeque is available at iwantoneofthose for as low as £24.95 (Carry & Go Briefcase BBQ).

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    Good Day,

    I am Walter and would like to know if you have
    portable Barbecues in stock. if
    you do let me know the types that you have .
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards,
    Mr. Walter Kimberlin.

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