Wrex The Dawg – Damn little Ill-mannered Frankenstein Style Robot Dog

Yeah, I know it’s a long title. But that’s the exact description for this silly little crazy robot dog. Wrex The Dawg will entertain you with its super sense of humor, and… yes this damn dog talk a lot of “b*llsh^t”! :)

wrex the dawg ill-mannered frankenstein style robot dog

Basically, Wrex The Dawg has 4 special operation modes:

  • Guard: Guarding your spot and will report any movement
  • Free Roam: Set this silly robot dog to explore your area and making humorous comments
  • Demonstration Mode: Set wrex The Dawg self-promoting
  • Program Mode: Program moves and trick of Wrex The Dawg up to 80 operation steps

Simply the most hillarious robot dog i’ve ever seen. It has many other functions and abilities which you can read the full review over the Robotsrule.com!


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