SentrySafe 250Gb Hard Drive – Fire and Waterproof Hard drive

With so many natural disasters happening nowadays, it’s pretty important for us to keep our important data in a safer place, especially an electronic data. SentrySafe recently rolled out a hard drive which have a fire resistant and waterproof feature.

CD/DVD which you kept your data could be melt, a normal back up hard drive like Maxtor External Storage also can’t keep its fragile life if met with flood disaster like in China and HongKong. So, SentrySafe offers those two problems with its one solution of SentrySafe 250GB Hard drive with Fire and Waterproof Ability.

SentrySafe Hard Drives Fire REsistant Waterproof Hard Drives

Somehow SentrySafe still missed something about how to handle an earthquake or may be a shock-resistant feature. If they also implement this feature on their sentrysafe hard drives, I believe it will become a hot selling product in the market, for those people who valued data more than their own life.

It’s pretty simple, though. They only need to change their hard drive with SSD or Solid State Disc for absolute shock resistant. But you know, SSD is expensive right now. I guess they won’t united those technology before SSD drop their price into something that reachable.

SentrySafe 250GB Hard Drive now available at Amazon for $379.

UPDATE: It’s having a lower price tag now! You can check the price here.


Via Coolest-Gadgets and CrunchGear.

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