3G iPhone Fancy Sleeve by Fabrix

My random ramblings comes to this topic again, it’s iPhone! I just can’t wait to hear and to witness the launching (hope I can). Here is another junk for iPhone. It’s a sleeve and you should have this one for protection.

3G iPhone Fancy Sleeve

As you may know, recently we have covered several iPhone sleeves and cases from various manufacturers, such as iSkin, PixelSkin and Incase. It seems each of them has their own benefits and Fabrix also produces something that worth to mention here.

3G iPhone Fancy Sleeves Collection

Fabrix have the most fancy sleeve design that you would meet in the market. It practically suitable for both iPhone first generation or the upcoming second generation. I guess it would since there is not much changes between both of them in the physical dimension.

3G iphone fancy sleeves ipod collection

Well, Fabrix Fancy iPhone Sleeve is sell for 20 bucks each. Interested? Find more information on iphone Fancy Sleeve at Fabrix. :)

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