Auto Cloaking Chess Pieces

Chess game is one of the most brain squeezing game I’ve ever played with my brother. Always end up all beaten remaining the king being corner by my his forces. He chases my king around the board to tease me. :)

Well, leaving all my soldier dying badly outside of the board is really not a great scenery. Somehow, Lewis Caroll “may be” know my pain and he invented a “self-cloaking” chess pieces, which is inspired by “Through the Looking Glass” idea.

Auto Cloaking Chess Pieces Board

On each time your piece get beaten, they will turn into an opaque cylinder piece. Oh, I forgot to tell you that all of the chess pieces is contained inside a glass-like cylinder. As soon as your oponent remove your chess piece from the special made board, it will turn to nothing but a blank cylinder.

Auto Cloaking Chess pieces

With that, no more dead soldiers body scattering your war field anymore! :)

Source: TechPin

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