Kensington Mini iPhone & iPod Battery Pack Charger

Guys, iPhone 3G is coming very soon. So, have you prepare your stuffs to welcome this cool gadget?! :)

Well, here is another accessory which is pretty sure will help you a lot with your new iPhone. It’s a Mini Charger called “Kensington Mini iPhone & iPod Battery Pack Charger”.

Kensington Mini iPhone and iPod Battery Pack Charger Charging iPhone

This is a new double-duty Kensington product. Beside it can be used as an external battery, Kensington Mini iPhone iPod Battery Pack Charger is a charger. Well, you can figured it out from the name actually.


  • Extend life up to 30 hours of music, 6 hours of video, 3 hours of talk
  • Includes retractable USB Charging Cable for recharge battery pack
  • Rechargable High Capacity Lithium-ion polymer battery pack
  • Small enough to keep connected to your iPhone or iPod
  • LED battery meter displays remaining power level
  • Comes with USB cable for direct battery charge or both battery and iPhone simultaneously

Kensington mini iPhone Battery Pack Charger is not limited to charging iPhone only, it can work well on:

  • iPod nano 1st, 2nd generation
  • iPod nano 3rd generation
  • 1Pod 4th, 5th generation
  • iPod Classic
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone, and
  • iPhone 2 generation

You can find it on amazon.


Source: Laughing Squid

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