Zigo Bike – Leader Carrier Bicycle with Leaderlink System

Zigo bike looks like “becak” from our country. It’s a 3 wheels bike with 2 passangers at the front seat and 1 driver at the back. Zigo bicycle is in the same case.

Zigo bike Leader Carrier bicycle Compared with Becak

Mum as the driver and your child as your only one passengers. Basically, Zigo is a bike for parent who can’t leave their child alone at home, while Zigo Bicycle is practically easy to keep an eye on your children when riding. So it’s one stone two bird solution.

zigo bike leader carrier bicycle with leaderlink system

“The first mom- or dad- powered family transportation system. Place one or two children in the ChildPod, put on a helmet, and you’re ready to ride. The LeaderLink System allows the Leader to uncouple in 30 seconds or less, transforming it into the separate elements, Zigo ChildPod and Zigo Cycle.”

Zigo Bike Leader Carrier Bicycle LeaderLink System

Unfortunately, Zigo Bike is pretty risky for your children. Since your child is in front of you, anything that happen when you ride Zigo bike will first hit your child and then you. So make sure to keep at a safe speed for both your child and you. :)

Source: Gearfuse


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