Knife with Internal Gun – a Gunknife?

I’ve ever heard and played a gunblade, but it’s the first time I’ve heard about gunknife. :)

Well, you know, gunblade first become hot because of a popular RPG with decent love story game “Final Fantasy VIII”. GunBlade is a cool weapon used by Squall, the main character of FF VIII. Here is some preview of GunBlade:

Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII

Alright, did that refresh some of your memory about FF VIII? :)

So, now it’s the turn of knife to be gun-itize? So, here is the look of our gunknife ( Gunknife – yeas, I called it so because it sounds cooler! Don’t you think so?):

Knife with internal gun - a modern gunknife

Basically it’s a knife with internal gun design for advance protection if knife have lost its edge in battling bad guys. It seems the gun is a revolver type so you only can fill 6 ammos. The refilling system is also pretty quick if you need to do a quick draw. :)

Here is some demonstration of gunknife in action:

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