Weight Scale with Spin – Get Spun As Far As Your Weight Goes!

Silly Design, but it’s kind of funny to scare those overweight buddies! Once you set your feet on this Spinning Weight Scale, it will spin you to your holy sacred number. If on a normal weight scale you’ve already shouting like hell, this weight scale that spin will spins your soul out of your body! :)

Weight Scale that Spin according to your weight

“Stand onto a weighing scale and you see two regions, the “viewing” region and the “foot rest” region. Instead of separating the “viewing” and the “foot rest” region, I took both of these elements and combine them into a singular and harmonious feature.

Therefore now the “foot rest” is also the “viewing” region. Instead it offers to show the whole dial, which there is not a need to hide it. The dial becomes the façade of the product. It functions just like a normal scale should but will produce a different first user experience.”

Yup, it’s normal weight scale with different design. Although it’s a good breakthrough, I bet you are going to have a bad time both riding on the spin and reading your weight measurement.

Weight Scale with Spin - Spun you as far as your weight goes!

Look at the picture, imagine you have around 80 kilograms. Once you stand on it and it spun, you must turn your head to see the result since it’s at the back of you. It’s kind of bad and in the worst case, you could hurt your neck and backbone.

Reversely, if the thing that spinning is not the number but the pointer (switch the number to outside and the green bar inside)… I guess that’s better. :)

Found on YankoDesign.


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