Ergonomic Beach Lounger – For Better Moment at the Beach

Still at the beach? Or planning to revisit a beach for the second times? Why not bring this ergonomic Beach lounger with you?

Ergonomic Beach Lounger for a Better Moment at the beach

It’s recommended by a renown physical therapists, a beach longer which either useful for your healthy sun-bathing experience or having a good reading time while letting the sun burning your back. Yep, with this beach lounger, it’s allowable to read when exposing your back right into the sun bright light.

This Ergonomic Beach Lounger is equipped with sloping headrest which has a message-table style face opening that allows you to lie prone while you can read easily and healthily (cervical hyper-extension free).

“this ergonomic beach lounger has three pillows engineered to relieve spinal pressure and provide support at stress-prone points on the body, allowing you to lie prone and read without neck strain, or lie supine, or drop the lower portion of the chair to the ground for use as a beach chair.”

Ergonomic beach lounger for a better moment at pool and beach

This Egonomic Beach Lounger supports up to 300 lbs with its powder-coated aluminum frame, at the same time it’s weather-resistant.

Available at Hammacher for as low as $159.95.


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  • Jackie

    I love it! I was actually just thinking about dragging my Eames chair and ottoman outside the other day to lay out in…but then I thought I would burn up because I fall asleep so easily in that chair–and that would be a little more hazardous in front of the sun instead of the TV! I bet or has one of these–they always have the most cutting edge ergonomic stuff. I’ve gotten some stuff there too, actually.

    • Hi, Jackie. Thanks a lot for your resources at and They are indeed a good sites and have ergonomic stuffs lining there.

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