Cool Mist Outdoor Fan for Summer Freezing!

Like to have a freezing cool mist out of the summer? Try this Cool Mist Outdoor Fan then.  This Cool Mist Outdoor Fan capable of circulation water mist around the area and cooling down the air temperature as much as 25°F!

Cool Mist Outdoor fan for Summer Freezing

It’s just like having a spring moment in the summer time. Pretty sure this cool mist outdoor fan can cooling down a space of 640′ sq.

“Countering hot, dry weather with its refreshing mist, this outdoor fan makes a patio or deck as comfortable as an air-conditioned room. Lightweight and easy to move, the fan has a 6′ hose that connects to an ordinary garden hose or spigot.”

Pysical Specs:

  • UV and rust-resistant
  • Solid State construction
  • High-velocity three-speed Motor
  • Machines are waterproof
  • Capable of Producing 40.000 BTUs of cooling power
  • Included: 4 misting nozzles for replacement.

Believe it or not, this cool mist outdoor fan also help you chase bugs and insects away!

Cool Mist Outdoor fan for Summer Freezing

Available at Hammacher for as low as $129.95. Why don’t you get some?

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