High-Performance 3-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad with 4-Port USB Hub

High Performance 3 Fans Cooling Pad with 4 Port USB Hub

Well, it’s a self-explanatory gadget for your laptop. For cooling your laptop and at the same time it is a hub to 4 USB devices. What you should know before purchasing this high performance cooling fan is the pros and cons of the buyers.

Here is some of my compilation, hopes it will help you making up your decision. :)


  • 3 Fans, yes 3 fans is enough for cooling a monkey
  • 4 USB Ports Add-ons – Can plug more things to my laptop
  • Self-Powered USB – No need additional Powersupply
  • Enough Silicon Stick on the cooling pad to avoid sratch
  • Cheap Value for 3 fan class cooling pad


  • Not a sturdy material – Bend when 17″ laptop place into the holder
  • Too simple – Ugly Design
  • Fans design are open – suitable for desk but not for your Lap…
  • USB port is at the back – Not a good position
  • The fans could be quiter..
  • And… Ops, someone feel it a little bit too cheap?!

High Performance 3 Fans Laptop cooling pad with 4 port usb hub overview

This High Performance 3-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad + 4 Port USB hub is sell for $18.32. Get it now at Dealextreme for Extreme Deals!


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