Blue Lounge Spacestation – Ergonomicly Cool!

I always feel unneassy when looking at the wires right after I close down my Laptop. Either from hard drives, or my cell phone, and all the additional USB powered stuffs also the USB hub itself. IT’s looks like a spider nest and it gives a bad taste for everyone who have ever visiting my room.

Bluelounge SpaceStation Ergonomic Cable Manager

Luckily I found this SpaceStation that created solely for solving those problems. Beside giving a much more tidy workspace, it also looks elegant.

BlueLounge Spacestation

BlueLounge SpaceStation for Laptop USB Cables Management

Bluelounge Spacestation ergonomicly Cool Cable Management

See how a desktop aligned properly with the help of Space Station?

Practically, spacestation using internal Coiling pin to manages cables. Beside SpaceStation manage Cables, it also an USB Hub and for a better typing experience.

Space Station have 4 additional USB Ports and you it rise your laptop to a certain degree that allow a better typing posture.

Comfortable Typing Posture and Position with BlueLounge Spacestation

Available at Blue Lounge for as low as $79.95. Why don’t you get some?


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