CD Carousel Plus – CD Container with Searchable Database

Wonderful songs, wonderful movies, wonderful pictures, all now are storage in a disc storage so you can reopen it whenever you feel like it. The problem is, the ever increasing of our favorite multimedia data, the more Disc media (CD’s, DVD’s, Bluray’s) you are going to make.

It makes your room filled with those thing and sometimes you even forget which one is which. Well, with CD Carousel Plus, you will be freed from that problem.

CD carousel Plus CD Container with searchable database

Practically, this CD Carousel Plus can help you manages up to 150 discs! It also allowed you to build an index of the Disc that you put in and you can do a search of them with your computer.

Primary Features:

  • Keeps your discs safe, clean and secure
  • Database can manage multiple carousels
  • Select disc by keypad — fast and easy
  • Daisy-chain up to 127 units via USB
  • Software supports both Microsoft Windows & Mac OS

Available at SkyMall for as low as $179.95 for every carousel. Get one now and start arranging your multimedia stuff properly to increase your productivity!


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