Funny Backpack Bike-pack – Pretty Fragile & Unhealthy

Never thought about a bike could be a backpack, designer Chang Ting Jen comes to knocked our head with his fragile concept of Bike-Pack.

Funny Backpack bike-pack - fragile and unhealthy concept

I’m not sure what kind of material he is going to use for this foldable bicycle, but I’m 100% sure there is no hard metal that could last longer if it makes into a thin plat like the design shown.

Except you go to kripton planet and get the hardest solid metal rock, this concept seems going to be just a concept.

Bike-Pack Backpack folding bicycle

Another consideration is on the health sector. Won’t the bicycle get dirty after road rush from your home to your destination? And you simply fold it and carry it on your shoulder?!

Hmm… personally, I won’t bother use it. If there is no other vehicle alternative, I’ll choose to walk on foot to my destination. :)

Via Gizmag and Gizmodo.


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