iOlympic WasteBasketBall – Truly Office Sporty!

Boring office circumstances & activities always drives us to a low productivities. It’s trully an awesome idea if you can turn office into something interesting, like what this Chinese Designer, Li Jianye did with his proud design of “iOlympic wastebasketball”.

iOlympic wastebasketball - result of Olympic enthusiasm

I guess it’s powered by the Beijing Olympic enthusiasm, he designed a supercool basketball rubbish bin for office waste ball slam dunk. Though there is no ring for slam dunk, you can practice a sharp shooting with the provided board.

iOlympic WastebasketBall - Trully Creative Office Gadget

Now you won’t miss your rubbish anymore! Just shoot it right to the middle box, and you will get 1 rubbish score! LOL!

via Likecool and Ubergizmo also check out Thedesignblog.


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