Sternform’s Cable ID – Creative Cable Labeling

Sternform\'s Cable ID - Creative Cable Labeling

At the far sight, I thought it’s a mini size candy, but when I observed carefully, I laughed out loud coz I’ve got the wrong idea! LOL!

Actually this is a cable labeling stuff called cable ID from Sternform. to use this Cable ID, simply twine it around your cables and write their name/category.

“To prevent from unplugging the fridge instead of the toaster or the computer instead of the hairdryer, Cable ID twines itself around cables and gives them an identity.

The helixlike shape as well as the thin and flexible inscription display allow any moves and curves while holding tight onto the cable.”

There is no further information on when this Cable ID will available, and how cheap it going to sell.

Found at Unplggd.


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