Strapya Solar Charger ECO Cell Phone Strap – Smallest Solar Charger!

Strapya, a Japanese cell phone strap merchant recently pre-launching the smallest solar charger for cell phone in a strap theme.

Strapya Solar Charger ECO Cell Phone strap - Smallest Solar Charger

Here is the video on how you plug the solar charger into your cell phone:

Looks nice! But watch out, not all cellphone is supported! Make sure to read the compatibility list at the footer of this solar charger ECO Cell phone strap.

To charge a cell phone you need approx. 8 hours clear sky sunlight, which mean you can’t stay at home to much if you would like to use this ECO Charger. :)

Solar Charger ECO Cell Phone Strap

More information available at Strapya. Price is around $19 if you want to pre-order online.

Found at CutieGadget.


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