Canova Dual Touch Screen Laptop – Coming Soon!

iPhone TouchScreen Technology has driven manufacturers to produces laptops with touch screen capability. With the two screens, which one of them usually is our fingers playground has turn into touchable screen too!

canova dual touch screen laptop in 2010

Canova Dual Touch Screen is a breakthrough design of laptop. Since our current laptop screen is non-touchable, making both keyboard and screen a touchable interface is really helpful in saving more resources and practically better in using.

Also, it’s possible to expand the touch ability for a better computing or gaming experience.

flatable canova dual touch screen laptop in 2010

Found at Tuvie. More Pictures available there!

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  • Wow, it looks pretty cool!

    • Yes, It’s a good looking laptop with key-less design. 😉

  • Taylor

    hi how muchh is this laptop??

    • Hi there, if you follow the via link, you’d found that this canova dual touch screen laptop is yet to be release as it’s a concept from Design artist. So no price yet so far. :)

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