Fling-ama-String: Funny Toy for Cat – or You?

If you have a pet (especially cats), Get this gadget for having some fun with them. I’m doubt if other pet will react to this gadget, only cat with its high-sense of curiousity will be the match to this fling-ama-string.

Fling-ama-String - Funny Toy for Cat

Basically, when you put 3 AA Battery into Fling-ama-String, you will let it whip the string around like crazy. There is 2 speed to control the whipping movement.

“An elastic loop runs through the batteryoperated motor, pulling a silky string randomly about; your kitty will go completely bonkers. Winner of Best in Show at the Global Pet Expo; easily attaches to any standard doorknob.”

Found at Random-Good-Stuff.

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