Gosh! A Gold Plated Keyboard!

It’s insanely strange taste to covered a keyboard with a pure gold. Yes, pure gold covering the keyboard which is the new design of a Japanese Company, Wazakura Koubou.

Pure Gold Plated Keyboard made by Japanese Company

Although it looks expensive like blocks of gold arrange together to form the keyboard, it’s not so expensive. You can get it for $271 only, or 28.875 Yen in Japan.

Featuring an USB 2.0 port keyboard, you can use it on almost all laptops or desktop.

Pure Gold Keyboard - Wazakura Koubou Japanese Company

Just one question, won’t this keyboard a little bit to shinny and become the first thing to steal if a thieves entered your home?! :)

Found at LikeCool. Really Cool Gold Plated Keyboard!

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