Peugeot +: Reverse Three Wheeled Eco-Friendly Concept Vehicle

Peugeot + eco friendly vehicle

Basically Peugeot + have a design which looks a bit like the iCare Motorcyle. Especially the head part, David the designer, seems to have a similar taste to make an “Alien” style design. Beside the unique design, Peugeot also comes with a unique front wheels and single wheel at the back.

If you want to compare with other electric car design like Dauphin or other three wheel car designs, this concept seems to adopting a reverse design. Tt’s looks like a “Becak” which I’ve mentioned in Zigo Tricycle bike.

“it’s a hybrid, between a scooter and a car. This combination allows using a smaller electric engine, saving energy. This saving generates less pollution and a major autonomy of the batteries. Besides the small size gives more agility into the traffic and makes easier to find parking.”

Peugeot + a three wheels car concept

I guess this chic looking electric car will immediately seized the market as soon as they make a launch. Well, Nobody knows when this concept is going to be realized. So, just keep dreaming for a better, Eco-friendly and a minimalist design for our future cars. :)

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