Tears and Joys of iPhone 3G Launching day

apple 3G iphone 2 launching dayDo you follow the madness that happened in all AT&T Stores or Apple Stores yesterday? It’s the release of iPhone 3G which have been awaited long before the launching day.

Lot of peoples queued in front of the stores and make lots of people whinning, mad, exhausted, and even collapsed in the queue!

As the result of the big boom launching, Apple’s run out of stocks of their iPhone 3G! It makes a lot of people crying and shouting. Some of them even write a blog post to express their disappointment.

I guess I have no need to introduce you about iPhone 3G again since it’s already widely discussed. I just want to compile a list of blog posts and some videos, which express their tears of not getting their own iPhone, or Joys of having it. :)

Let’s start with:

And another one:

Here is some videos on the launching day:

iPhone 3G Madness – a long line waiting for the launch!

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