Zoowear Kuma – Turn your iPod to Pink Bear

Zoowear Kuma - pink bear silicon case for iPod Nano

Hmmm, I’ve got nothing wrong with bear or some animals, but… it’s PINK! LOL, guess it’s a design for girl-only in the first impression. So, If you are a girl, I hope you will love this silicon case for your iPod Nano, created by Focal Point Computer.

Zoowear Kuma - pink bear silicon case for iPod Nano

Just like what you have in your mind after looking at the picture above, Zoowear Kuma is just a normal silicon case for your iPod Nano. The only thing that makes it different is that you can actually rolled your earphone cable at the back side of the case.

iPod Nano Silicon Case - Zoowear kuma

Well, pretty useful if you don’t like a hanging cable around your neck. The price is 1,980 Yen. I’m not sure if we can purchase for them or not…

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Source: Akihabaranews

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  • Melissa

    How do you buy it?

    • Hi Melissa, ZooWear Kuma is a product from Japan. As we have said above, we are not sure if you can buy it or not.

      There is the link to the Japanese site. You might want to try to purchase from them. If you don’t understand Japanese like us, click here for the Google translated page.

      Hope it helps and thanks for stopping by! :)

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