5 Cool Looking Floating Speakers for Your BathTub

For people who can’t bear their moments without music while in a pool or in a bathtub, these 5 cool looking floating speakers might be your solution.

All of them looks good and only you can judge which one is good for yourself. So let’s begin the judgment:

1. Weatherproof Floating Wireless Speaker

WeatherProof Floating Wireless Speaker

Basically, this weatherproof floating wireless speaker can go in underwater up to 9 feet for 3 minutes. Pretty sure you won’t dive that deep with this speaker since you can’t clearly hear anything inside water hear a nice tunes of music in the water (except if you are using waterproof earphone!).

UPDATE: It’s called Aqua Sounder from now!


2. Nextar Wireless Floating Speaker

Nextar Wireless Floating Speaker

From the first look, it looks exactly like the weatherproof floating wireless speaker. The only different is the design itself and the iPod docking system which can be the host of the speaker. Plays up to 4 hours using 4 AA batteries inside the ball floating speaker.

The wireless system is powered by bluetooth technology, which promise a longer range between the dock and the speaker itself.

3. Waterproof iPod Sound Case with Speaker

Waterproof iPod Sound Case with Speaker

Although it’s not design especially for use in pool or bathtub, this iPod Sound Case actually floats. But avoid to submerge the whole sound case deep into the water because it works only above the surface.

Again, this waterproof iPod sound case need 4 piece of AA batteries to power-up the speakers. But it can gives you a longer playtime of 30 hours. Complete with rubber bumper guards to ensure shockproof protection.


4. Another Wireless Floating Speaker

another wireless floating speaker

This speaker have a funky bulbous shaped. Featuring a weather-resistant, easy hook-up and use, and a long range transmitting up to 150 feet. This Wireless Floating Speaker has been covered some times ago. More information also available at iwantoneofthose.

5. JVC XA-AW33 floating MP3 Player

JVC XA-AW33 Floating MP3 Player

Now here it comes the dome shaped floating speaker with a vibrator ability to make small ripple in your bathtub. It’s my favorite for several reasons. Beside it can vibrate, the dime blue LED also blinking synchronously with the tunes that comes out for the speaker to create a soothing lighting effects.

More information available at JVC site (Japanese) or Coolest-Gadgets.

So which floating speaker that suit your taste? Tell us in your comment below! :)

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  • sorry i'm dumb

    they should make one that looks like a turd

    • sayne

      Dude! Agreed! I’d buy that :mrgreen:

  • I can make a turd that looks like a speaker.

  • LOL, you all are just too funny. Turd is floating too, but I guess there is no aesthetic value on it.

    But I have seen a turd strap for cellphone. Will bring it up for you. :)

  • Drew Fus

    You forgot to add that for #1 on your list, it will support up to 9 separate speakers. I have four in my swimming pool and I can’t imagine who would need 9. Four or five is plenty loud for a larger swimming pool. I know your list is for your bath, but the speakers listed here are actually made for pools and would be cumbersome and too big for your bath. Go to skymall dot com to order this.

  • PeteY

    I have no 3, the waterproof iPod Sound Case with Speakers.

    It sounds petty good in the shower. I’ve noticed the the high frequency response tends to drop out a little as the speakers get moisture on ’em. I bought it from an Aldi supermarket of all places.

    Tip: If placed in a corner or at the far end of a bath/shower cubicle, you get a noticeable boost in bottom end.

  • Laurie Plante

    The wireless floating speakers are great! But I found one that is better. ReSource Inc. has just released the “Music Ball”. The speaker is wireless, water proof, floats and rechargeable. All the systems use batteries. The louder you play the speaker, the quicker you use up the batteries. The rechargeable system is the way to go. It gets expensive to keep on buying AA’s.

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