Covert Spy Camcorder Sunglasses – Turns You into a Secret Agent!

Do you remember the last unbreakable sunglasses which have been covered here? This covert Spy Camcorder sunglasses also have a great ability like Numa.

Although it’s not unbreakable (yes, it will break if you slam it!), it has a special ability for you to be a “secret agent” spying on your foes!

Covert The Spy camera Sunglasses

Featuring a small camera recorder in the center of Covert sunglasses, and 2GB internal memory upgradable to 8GB) to record whatever weird scenes you’ve seen with your eyes, with a simple push button record on left side of this sunglasses.

covert Spy Camera Sunglasses detail

Covert Spy Camcorder Sunglasses

Covert Camcorder Spy Sunglasses is practically easy to connect with your PC. It comes with a mini-USB port + one free USB Cable for faster data transfer. Some other features are stated below:

  • Camera lens does not glow
  • Built-in DVR for easy recording to the internal memory
  • Capture one-of-a-kind moments, evidence, or surveillance footage
  • High resolution 320×240 image
  • One-touch controls built-into the sunglasses
  • Wireless design for on-the-go recording
  • Internal rechargeable battery 110/220 volt – charge via USB

If you are interested, you can dig for more specific information on this Covert Camcorder Spy Sunglasses at BrickHouseSecurity.

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  • charlie Hascue

    what is the price of the covert spy glasses

    • Hi Charlie, the price of covert spy camcorder sunglasses is $299.95. Go to the link provided above (BrickhouseSecurity) to find out more. Thanks for commenting!

  • james

    do they have these things in FL if not how much would it costs to ship the glasses

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