Unique Soap – PC Mouse Shaped Soap

We all uses mouse everyday. Not the real mouse, but the PC mouse that have the USB tail. You scrubs the mouse everyday to the hardboard of your desk, and I can make sure if you stay a lot in front of your PC, you are one of the mouse scrubbing expert like me! :)

Well, it’s time to ask yourself now… What if you use your mouse to scrub your body instead of the desk?! You know, now there is a weird idea from Taiwan company to produce a PC Mouse Shaped Soap for Geeks like us to have some joy in bathroom!

Mouse Soap - unique pc mouse soap

If I’m going to answer the question just now, I’ll say I’m certainly have a great grib over the soap!

I hate the usual block soaps because they often too slippery to hold tight. I guess with this mouse shaped soap, at least I can use the same method of deskboard scrubing to my body! Haha!

Mouse Soap on body

It’s certainly creative! Found this over at Gizmodiva.

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