iPhoneNeck – Extend your iPhone Battery Life!

Having a problem with your iPhone battery? Need to extend the battery life? Why don’t you get this iPhoneNeck? iPhoneNeck is an additional battery that designed with the same style and function as a convenience charger too!

iPhoneNeck - Additional Battery for your iPhone

I know now you are in a hot condition on this gadget. You might be already own one and you play with it days and nights. Although it has a good battery, I’m sure iPhoneNeck would give you an additional juicy moment with your new brand iPhone.

iPhoneNeck - extend your iPhone Battery Life

For the information I got at Geeky-Gadgets, iPhoneNeck and give your iPhone an additional battery life up to 60%! Pretty sure you won’t miss this iPhoneNeck because it only cost you a dim!

At IPMart, it’s hot selling for $35 now. Interested? Go and get one now!

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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  • imcw

    Are you sure this IphoneNeck is not illegal?

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